Monday, June 11, 2007

New to this blogging thing

This is the first entry into this blog and I really don't know how to use it yet. It's going to be a learning experience so anyone who reads this, please forgive any errors, misspellings or other things that I may do here.

I don't know if anyone is ever going to read this so all I'm going to do is use this to record my thoughts on reality as I see it, and sort of keep a personnal diary of my activities. Mostly about my painting and artwork but also with an occasionaly rant about what I see as ignorance and stupidity.

I'm retired, (I was a machinist for 30 years at a local papermill until I retired a couple of years ago). I now have the time to paint that I didn't have while I was working full time and I'm starting to accumulate more painting than I can put up in my home. I could, and have, given them away but that doesn't pay for the supplies, does it.

From time to time I'll post a photo of a recent painting that I have done and if anyone cares to comment on it they can do so here. I would welcome any and all comments (both good and bad) as to what people think of how I paint.

Enough for now. I may add to this daily or maybe only weekly, don't know yet because this is all new to me. Thanks